About Us


Who We Are?

Aokai Oil Tools is located in Dagang Oilfield, the oil capital of southeast China, which has efficient freight transportation and logistics system. With over 40 years of combined manufacturing and engineering team, Aokai has provided comprehensive and superior sand control solutions to the worldwide customers.

Aokai manufactures an extensive range of sand control screens and filtration products including wire wrapped screens, pipe base screens, perforated casings, slotted liners, precise punched slot screens, etc., which are used in various fields such as oil and gas industry, water wells, water supply and treatment, power supply, and industrial and environmental applications. By investing in advanced technology and quality assurance processes, our manufacturing expertise can design and deliver tighter tolerances and greater precision, giving you screen products you can trust in the harshest environments.

With over 40 years technical team experience, Aokai also specializes in screen treatments including brushing, polishing, beading, blasting, painting, powder-coating, galvanizing, and additional treatment of passivating and pickling.


We have been striving to ensure our product quality and customer satisfaction and even exceed their expectation. Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2000, GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008. We use a set of programs and processes to monitor and improve our products and services including parts selection standard, manufacturing traceability reports, internal tests, and internal process audits, etc.

Facing fierce competition and challenges of the increase of raw material and labor costs, Aokai has employed the strategies to reach its objectives of high quality assurance, efficiency, differentiation, and innovation. Aokai has become a leading company in the industry. Aokai Oil Tools currently has two subsidiary companies in China. As a main investor, we cooperated with oversea experts and established a manufactory in Nisku, Canada in 2013. We are looking forward to working with you together for success.

How We Do?

1. Enterprise Mission

Low-carbon energy, Pollution prevention, Reduce risk, Pursuit of employee health, Customer first, The pursuit of the highest quality products, Law-abiding, To achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

2. Enterprise Development Approach

high-tech, high credibility, high quality and high efficiency.

3. Corporate style

Ensuring the best quality and high efficiency; Think much of credibility, Pay attention to frugality, always keeping with diligence and self-encourage.